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                  Regal World Trade Limited Company is Established in 2016, We do Import and Export Business with the World, Especially We have got a lot of Reputation in Exporting Products from Bangladesh. Because we are Earning Foreign Currency by Exporting Various Products and Vegetables of the Country. Our main Business is Exporting Vegetables and Seasonal Fresh Fruits. Also, we Import a lot of Products from Outside the Country Because Bangladesh is a Populous Country, the Needs of the People of the Country are not met with the Products Produced in this Country, so we Import many Products. Also very small and small Amount of Machinery is made in the Country for making Industrial Factories, the rest of the big and Medium type of Machinery is Brought from Abroad, so we can Bring all Your Machinery to any Company in the World. Finally, I will say that I have been and will be at your Service.


We want to provide different services from other companies in Bangladesh which will please us and clients. We want to bring huge foreign currency by exporting products to different countries of the world, we have taken initiative to produce organic vegetables and fruits for export abroad so that people can eat healthily. Above all, we are the best.


1. To bring economic clarity to the people of Bangladesh and the country by increasing the export of domestically produced healthy vegetables and fresh fruits abroad.

2. To not depend on imports as much as possible, to try to meet the needs of the people of the country with domestically produced products.

3.  Bringing low and easy cost of importing machineries for setting up industrial factories in the country.

4.  The goal is to make Bangladesh economically prosperous through business success in the future.


To give a better life to Bangladesh and the nation by achieving the full satisfaction of the clients through the best means by our team of skilled workers.





Numerous Export Products have Appeared in This List. For Example: Wigs, Cow dung, Charcoal, Hats, Fishing rods, Mosquito nets, Dry food, Bamboo, Duck Feather Products, Lungi, Cashew nuts, Spectacle Frames, Artificial Flowers, Golf Shafts, Toys, Agar, Umbrella sticks, Vegetable seeds, Coconuts. Cast and shell Products, Blades, Copper wire etc.


Food products imported from the country include onions, milk and dairy products, edible oils including sunflower and soybean oil, sugar, honey, soft drinks, chips, biscuits, chocolates and candies. Bangladesh has to import 40 percent of its annual onion demand, of which 95 percent comes from India.


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Bangladesh Machinery and Transport Equipment Exports by country in US$ Thousand 2015
In 2015, the top partner countries to which Bangladesh Exports Machinery and Transport Equipment include Japan, United Kingdom, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Germany.

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