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Regal World Trade Limited Import & Export is considered to be one of the leading companies in the Asia in the field of trading with Fresh Vegetable & Fruits.
Headquartered in Bangladesh Dhaka, Regal World Trade Limited Import & Export has been establishing a wide trading net, offering its customers an integrated set of services with world-competitive pricing while meeting the highest standards.
Our focus is on buying & selling Fresh Vegetable Fruits Others goods wholesalers in any part of the world. Furthermore, we trade with all kinds of home appliances, such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and any industrial Machineries, Shoes, Spices… etc.
We hope to increase our relationships with the best dealers and buyers of worldwide. With our experience and your collaboration, we hope to get further with new ideas, and new deals, to join the links of business partnership between Asia, USA, the Middle East, Africa and Europe!
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Bank Asia Limited started its service with a vision to serve people with modern and innovative banking products and services at affordable charge. Being parallel to the cutting edge technology, the Bank is offering online banking with added delivery channels like ATM, Tele-banking, SMS and Online Banking. And as a part of the bank’s commitment to provide all modern and value added banking services, keeping the very best standard in a globalized world.

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More than 2500 domestic Clients &
companies are working with us.
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More than 800 international Clients &
companies are working with us.
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500 + product in different industries.
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•To offer our customers products with superior quality and value. •To create peaceful and enjoyable work environment for our employees •To contribute to the growth of society as we grow the company’s business. To be globally recognized import – export company that put quality, service, and value as priority to satisfy the needs of our customers, employees and stakeholders. Exclusive products: Regal World Trade Limited is the exclusive distributor of all the Products in our collections. Become our exclusive client and you Alone will have the right to wholesaler & Exclusive Agent one or many of our products in your market. -Marketing support: we will give Sacrifice for your all Facilities. Already has Resulted in thousands of USD in revenue for our clients .May be you will be our Importer or Commission Agent because we are also importing many more goods from any countries. -Direct connection with the factory: We are producing maximum products by our own Factory. And some products collecting from other direct Factory to ensure our customers the highest profit margin. This also means that working with us means working with the Factory itself.