Exports Goods Bangladesh to Global World.

💁‍♂‍ Paper and Paper Products. 
"Paper and paper products" include newsprint; office, printing, fine, and pressure-sensitive papers; paper napkins, towels, and toilet tissue; kraft bag, construction, and other kraft industrial papers; paperboard, liquid packaging containers, containerboard, corrugated, and solid-fiber containers including linerboard.

Among the many handicrafts products of Bangladesh the worth mentioning are: pottery , wood work, cotton, silk, gold, silver, jute, reed, brass ware, traditional dolls, pink pearls and copper ware trays, well decorative bamboo made items, vases etc, and hand made with fine engravings and filigree work.

💁‍♂‍ Leather and Leather Goods. 

💁‍♂‍ Pharmaceuticals Medicines.
💁‍♂‍‍ Fruits and Vegetable.

💁‍♂‍ Frozen Food (Shrimp and Fish). 
💁‍♂‍ Jute and Jute Goods.     

💁‍♂‍ Jute Spinners.
💁‍♂‍ Textile.
💁‍♂‍ Denim Cloths. 
💁‍♂‍ B Weaving.
💁‍♂‍ Yarn. 
💁‍♂‍ Apparel (Woven). 
💁‍♂‍ Green Factories. 

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